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Gilbert Group Funds is an investment vehicle, which pools capital from private investors for the purpose of investing in retail real estate. It allows investors the opportunity to acquire an interest in larger properties that they would not be able to acquire on their own. Our funds typically target a ten-year life span during which time property is acquired, actively managed and potentially sold based on the specific fund’s investment strategy.

The objective of Gilbert Group Funds is to achieve above market, absolute, risk-adjusted returns. This strategy delivers inherent portfolio and return diversification while taking advantage of the vast investment experience of our management team.

The principals of the Gilbert Group have a history of successful retail development and acquisitions. The combination of our capital resources and the ability to react quickly has proven to give us a competitive advantage in the acquisition market. Once acquired, our team of professionals has the operational experience and expertise to create optimal value.

Gilbert Group Funds provides asset management, leasing, property management and construction services for the properties in its portfolio through its wholly-owned property services affiliate, The Gilbert Group Inc. Real Estate. The close coordination between the investment, asset management and operating professionals within Gilbert Group Funds is the key to our ability to deliver exceptional services to its tenants and exceptional value to its clients and partners.

Gilbert Group Funds’ primary investment objectives are: 

Gilbert Group Funds have various platforms depending on the market opportunities. Below is our current fund focus: 

This website is for informational purposes only. Any information contained herein is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy securities of Gilbert Group Funds. Interested investors should contact their respective financial representative or Gilbert Group Funds for more information on how to invest. Investors are cautioned that any past financial performance information set forth herein is not necessarily indicative of, and has no bearing on, any future results or performance. An investment in Gilbert Group Funds may not be suitable for all investors.